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Learn how to break into the sports broadcasting from industry veteran and Emmy award winner, Howie Zales. You'll learn how to build a successful career and how to work all the major regional and national networks.

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Howie Zales will teach you all the technical and business skills you need to build a successful freelancing career in broadcast sports, in an intensive 2-day bootcamp. You’ll get to be your own boss and make a living doing something you love.

This course will pay for itself after an average of just 4 work days. Learn on the job skills, how to land your first gig, and how to engage clients long-term to build continuous, reliable work streams.

This course might be for you if...

  • You want to break into the industry and get your first gig
  • You love sports broadcasting but don't know where to start
  • You are struggling to build strong client relationships and a regular stream of work

This course doesn't exist anywhere else.

If you're interested in starting a career in television sports, you have come to right place! We'll show you how to break into roles like Camera Operator, A2, Utility, and build your freelancing career from the ground up.

Already in the industry but want to level up? Don't worry, this course can help you too. Learn from the best in the business how to build your client list and make a great impression each and every show.

Howie Zales, an Emmy Award Winner in the television sports industry, has been working in sports broadcasting for over 20 years. Howie's credits include: Olympics, Superbowls, Triple Crown Horse Races, WrestleMania, Stanley Cup Finals, and many more.

Howie's crewing company HJZ Productions has been providing networks like NBC Sports, Showtime, DAZN, and more with elite production crews for 20 years. He brings his vast experience and network of seasoned professionals to lead you through this course.

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"I would have given anything to have a resource like this when I started out. This course will give you a head start on your career, answering questions you didn't even know you had. This is truly the best way to prepare yourself for a career in television sports."

- Sam Nulton, Freelance Camera Operator & IATSE Member

"What's really important is a great crew, and Howie was always part of that. No better person to teach you than him."

John Gonzales
Former Director @ NBC Sports

"Howie has been my mentor since I graduated college and my career wouldn't be the same without him. Howie put me on a path for success."

Sean Fiertag
Camera Operator @ NBC Sports

"Howie's seasoned technical ability combined with his amazing spirit makes him the perfect person to guide you through your career."

Dina Pace
Producer @ Pace Productions

"As a guy who’s been in this business for a little while (15 years) but for some reason or another has had problems networking and making the connections necessary to take that big leap, Howie’s Broadcast Sports Course provided me with some of the tools I may have been missing. I’m now confident in my ability to reach out to potential clients in a concise, comprehensive format which conveys to them not only my availability, but the skillset I might be able to bring to their crew as well.

I can only truly speak for myself, but, the value this course holds for the less experienced among us, those trying to break into the business, is immeasurable. I would have leapt at the chance to take a course like this when I was first starting out. This course will no doubt give beginners the jump start I can only wish I had 15 years ago."

- Mike Bruno

"The sports broadcast course was an amazing opportunity to gain exposure to the industry. It was amazing to meet and speak to people who have so much knowledge and informed us on all the ins and outs of the industry. It was great getting actual physical experience building a camera, running cables, and holding a handheld camera for the first time. I am excited to start my first job and will be going into it very confident that I will perform great with everything I've learned. It's a great opportunity never seen anything like it before."

- Brandon Gonzalez

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